Saturday, February 13, 2010

Weeks 5 & 6 Update!

Hi friends!

I'm tired as I'm writing this; we are just winding down from a busy week! On Monday, we sailed to a small group of islands about three hours from Roatan, called the Cayos Cuchinos, where we did some outreach work all week. The Cayos Cuchinos islands are inhabited primarily by a people group called the Garifuna who are decsendents of slaves in West Africa.

The Garifuna are a friendly and warm group of people. The vast majority of them in the Cayos Cuchinos speak no English and their ways of living are very primative. Very small villages, no electricity, huts made out of wood/thatch, one room name it. Just like what you would think of a remote island village. But insanely beautiful! While we were there, we assisted our missionary friend, Renee who is a doctor on the mainland of Honduras, with some medical clinics. We did baby weighing and Renee also trained many of them on basic health stuff like CPR. We also spent a lot of time teaching English to both the kids and adults, and playing with the kids. Our last day there, we had a church service in the village where we sang some songs, did a few dramas, and shared testimonies. Overall an awesome experience!

Also, on the sail over to the Cayos, we saw about 10-15 dolphins! They were swimming and jumping alongside our boat and then swam over to the bow and swam up in front for about 5 minutes! I literally was about 3 feet from them. AMAZING!

I'm going to wrap this up because I'm really tired, and I'm going to try and post some pictures of Facebook tonight, God willing!

God Bless!!!

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